The mysterious tennis coach is the rival of love!

Akemi - What brings you here?
Yotsuya - Let me introduce you to the ladykiller we've been talking about.
Mitaka - Such a nasty way of putting it.
Akemi - Wow... so kill me.

Kyoko - They're not all bad, but they have a bad habit of enjoying seeing other people get upset.
Mitaka - What's the trouble? Is it so upsetting to have somebody tell you he loves you?
Kyoko - I'm a widow.
Mitaka - Then you still can't forget about your husb...
Kyoko - No... it's just that... I don't want to. If I forget, Souichiro-san will truly be dead.
Mitaka - I guess it'll take you a real long time... Well, I'm patient.

Episode nine script