This page comtains spoilers.

1) Sorry to keep you waiting! I'm Otonashi Kyoko

Young student Godai Yusaku is having trouble passing his college entrance exams - and no wonder when he is surrounded by a buncy of psychotic neighbors determined to make his life hell! He is ready to walk out of his boarding house... until the beautiful new manager Kyoko Otonashi arrives!

Kyoko - I'm Kyoko Otonashi. I'll be the manager of this apartment, from today.

Episode one script

2) Love spark flying around. Who does Kyoko-san love?

Godai buys a Christmas gift for Kyoko, but he can't give it to her because he's too shy. Akemi then tells him that Kyoko is involved with someone, which depresses Godai. Afterwards, Kyoko begins repairing holes on the roof falls asleep on the job. When it starts to rain, Godai finds her on the roof talking about a "Soichiro-san". He then saves her from running off the roof to bring the clothes in, and receives a slap in the face after rescuing her by grabbing on to the wrong part of her body.

3) Hearts beating in the darkness! Alone with Kyoko-san

Kyoko - Sorry, Souichiro-san!
Yotsuya - She's apologizing to the dog.

Episode three script

4) Kyoko-san's worried?! Godai-kun in the middle of juken!

Kyoko - Godai-san..
Godai - Yes?
Kyoko - Ganbatte kudasai ne! (Please do your best!)
Godai - Hai!! Ganbarimasu!!! (Yes! I'll do my best!)
Souchiro-san - Baw?
Godai - Hai!! Ganbarimasu!!!
Streetperson - Hey watch it!!
Godai - Hai!! Ganbarimasu!!!
Streetperson - Watch where you're going!!
Godai - Hai!! Ganbarimasu!!!
Kyoko -If it's like that from the first day, I wonder how the rest will be...

Episode four script

5) Kyoko-san worried! Godai-kun ran away

Godai is at Sakamoto's place, in an attempt to get away from Kyoko's disappointed face because of his repeated failures at his college exams. Unfortunately, he has no underwear because he's left them all at home. He then tries to sneak back home and grab his clothes but is foiled by Yotsuya's attempt to play with him. When Souichiro tears up his underwear he is forced to run away before Kyoko, who is really worried about him comes out to see what is going on. At the same time, Godai's grandma comes up to see how Godai is doing and is picked up by Kyoko at the train station. She tries to cover up for Godai about his exams but the loon squad does a good job in telling her the truth. Grandma then says that Godai has to pass the last test because they can't support him if he doesn't do anything productive. Finally, Kyoko and Grandma spot Godai at the posting of the test scores and find out that he actually passed that exam. At his celebration party, Kyoko gives Godai a new pair of underwear.

Grandma Yuhsaku - I thought Yuhsaku would come to pick me up.
Kyoko - Yuhsaku?
Grandma - My grandson's name.
Kyoko - Ronin-san's?
Grandma - Didn't you know?
Kyoko - !... come to think about it... ronin can't be his name.

Episode five script

6) Spring is shocking! Kyoko-san's Secret

One day, the owner of Ikkoku-kan visits. Godai, Ichinose, Akemi & Yotsuya wonder what is the occasion for this rare event. They're surprised when Kyoko greets this visitor as her father-in-law! And right beside him is a young girl, who is Kyoko's niece: Ikuko. Trying to make a good impression, Godai offers to entertain Ikuko while Kyoko and Mr.Otonashi talk in her room. The reason for this visit is a special one: it is time to visit the graveyard to pay respects. Godai goes along with them when he offers to give Mr.Otonashi (who has a back problem) a supporting shoulder to walk with. At the graveyard, as they take turns offering a prayer in front of the Otonashi's family gravestone, Godai asks Mr.Otonashi whose grave it is today? He replies, "Kyoko's husband." Godai is understandably dismayed, for years to come.

7) Tormented Godai-kun! The man Kyoko loves

Ichinose - Being virtuous to your dead husband, right?
Ichinose - ... that's out of style, you know.

Godai - (There it is, the face that always looks like it's worrying about something.)
Godai - ... Kanrinisan, let's laugh!
Kyoko - huh?
Kyoko - (confused) hehheheheh...?
Godai - There, that happy face is the best!
(walks by her, laughing)

Episode seven script

8) Godai-kun mustn't shout. The time to do it has come

Godai and Sakamoto are both drunk in a bar, and Sakamoto is persuading Godai to express his feelings for Kyoko. Eventually, they end up outside of Ikkoku-kan where Godai finally decides to talk about Kyoko - by yelling at the top of his lungs to the entire area on top of a garbage bag. Kyoko then comes down to stop him, but Godai drunkenly grabs her and carries her back to his room before passing out. The next day, everyone tells him that he slept with Kyoko but wasn't able to finish. Kyoko ignores all attempts to talk to him. Finally, he confronts her and says that it was all a joke. Unfortunately, Kyoko takes this to mean that Godai's expression of love was a joke. Godai receives a slap in the face and wonders what in the world happened.

Godai - Then it wasn't a nude dance?

Episode eight script

9) The mysterious tennis coach is the rival of love!

Kyoko isn't talking to Godai after she thought he was joking about his affections toward her. Ichinose figures out that Kyoko is trying to keep faithful to her dead husband. Kyoko eventually is persuaded to join a tennis club to keep her occupied, where she meets Mitaka the tennis coach with the gleaming smile. To Godai's horror, they all decide to meet together at the cafe. The gang start talking about Godai's display of affection in episode 8, and Kyoko tries to verify that Godai was really joking with her. Godai tells her that he wasn't which surprises her. Finally, as they all start walking to Ikkoku-kan, Mitaka learns that Kyoko doesn't want to start anything for a while. He replies by saying that he's a patient person, and that he can wait.

Akemi - What brings you here?
Yotsuya - Let me introduce you to the ladykiller we've been talking about.
Mitaka - Such a nasty way of putting it.
Akemi - Wow... so kill me.

Kyoko - They're not all bad, but they have a bad habit of enjoying seeing other people get upset.
Mitaka - What's the trouble? Is it so upsetting to have somebody tell you he loves you?
Kyoko - I'm a widow.
Mitaka - Then you still can't forget about your husb...
Kyoko - No... it's just that... I don't want to. If I forget, Souichiro-san will truly be dead.
Mitaka - I guess it'll take you a real long time... Well, I'm patient.

Episode nine script

10) Panic at the beach-side. The rival doesn't like dogs

Kentaro is depressed because he has to make a picture diary during the spring break, but his parents don't take him anywhere interesting. So Godai offers to take him to the beach. Kentaro comes up with the great idea of inviting Kyoko to go with them, and she agrees. Of course, the next day, Mitaka arrives (with Ikuko in tow) to offer them all a ride to their destination. However, he seems to be disturbed when he finds Soichiro among the passengers... When they arrive at the beach, Godai is able to use the dog to keep Mitaka away from Kyoko, for a while. They swim a bit, and later go on a little boat ride. Somehow, Kyoko doesn't seem to notice that Mitaka isn't comfortable with Soichiro's presence.

12) Love scramble. I thought you said you loved me...

Mitaka - We can have a little drink there.. Off course I can't drink alcohol, but..
Kyoko - (thinking abou Godai) YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING!!
Mitaka - I..I.. understand! Forget about the drink!

Episode twelve script

13) Popular Godai-kun, watch out for pink calls

Godai thinks he's being followed. He finds out that it's really a bunch of girls who want him to help out with the puppet club at the university. To Kyoko's dismay, he suddenly begins to receive a lot of phone calls from the girls in the puppet club which she has to answer since the phone is in her room. It seems as if Godai has become extremely popular especially with people like Kozue coincidentally phoning in to talk to him. Kyoko gets really annoyed with the whole thing and gets a public phone installed in the apartment. Godai sees this, and while Kyoko is steaming from the whole incident, gives her a call from the public phone to her personal phone explaining the whole situation.

Sakamoto - So, you've been feeling that somebody's been watching you all the time.
Godai - Yeah... always from the back.
Sakamoto - And is it CIA? KGB or maybe alien.. there's possibility of guardian spirit..
Godai - Don't treat me like a neurotic!
Sakamoto - Calm down...
Godai - It's just that it seems there's a woman that's watching me..
Sakamoto - Oh, that's it?

Episode thirteen script

15) Dangerous two's puppet play! Can't stand it anymore

Maybe as an apology, Kyoko goes to Godai's college's fest. But all the other residents of Ikkoku-kan also go with her. Godai takes part in a puppet play. One of the club members decides to leave early, forcing Kyoko to replace her part as the princess puppet. The play gets messed up by Godai. Nevertheless Kyoko enjoyed her day seeing what college is like, as she never got to attend it.

Kyoko - Oh, you brought them?
Princess - Thank you very much for today!
Prince - No problem at all.
Princess - But reflect this on yourself, ok? You're the one who turned the play into mess.
Prince - But that's because you inched to me like this...
Princess - There you go again!
Prince - Ouch!
Kyoko - Bye!
Godai - Poor prince.

Episode fifteen script

16) Get-Well Visit Panic! Injured but Beloved.

Godai experiences a bit of bad luck (not any more than usual, I would say) because of a broken chopstick. And because of that, he believes that it was his fault that Kyoko hurt her ankle. Mitaka competes against Godai to help her while she's resting in bed for the next few days. Becomes evident that Mitaka has one talent that Godai doesn't have.

Godai - What?! You gave her taiyaki and takoyaki??!!
Akemi - Yeah, she ate it all.
Yotsuya - And you gave her ramen?
Ichinose - Before all that, Mitaka coach's cooking.....
Akemi - All she has do to is to say no.
Godai - Under that circumstance, she ate all that much bad ramen and smiled...
Akemi - That's what makes her great.

Episode sixteen script

17) Kyoko-san's first love story. The rainy day is always...

Godai remembers about the bad days in the rain. At Ikkoku-kan Kyoko invites Kozue in from the rain, and they talk about their past loves. Kyoko tells about Souichiro. The next day, Kozue is with Godai at a cafe. Going home in the rain, Godai happens to run into Kyoko. At first, he's annoyed at her and tries to avoid her. But he changes his mind after a splash of water, and asks to walk with her under the umbrella.

Kozue - He really looks like my first love.
Kyoko - Oh? Your first love?
Kozue - Though it was a one sided love...
Kyoko - Oh, was he an interesting man?
Kozue - He was a great man!
Kyoko - But didn't you say he looked like Godai-san?
Kozue - He was so manly and great.
Kyoko - (How is that supposed to be Godai-san?)

Episode seventeen script

18) Kyoko-san's gift. Oh, this's for me!?

Godai tries to think of what to give to Kyoko for a present, but forgets about one for Kozue. On returning home, having given Kyoko's present to Kozue, he gets further depressed when Kyoko gives him a muffler for present, which she had apparently spent the past three days making. However, Godai manages to find something to give her. At the ChaChaMaru party, Mitaka and Godai find out that everybody got a present from Kyoko.

Godai -But what could it mean, the same muffler... Could it be that she's putting us on a balance?
Mitaka - (Probably means I'm at the same level as Godai-kun?... Wonder what's wrong with me?)

Episode eighteen script

23) : Kyoko-san in jeopardy. Mother's plot

Godai and the others receive the devastating news that Kyoko has resigned from her job. When Kyoko arrives at Ikkoku-kan, she is startled to find that her room is empty; except for the presence of Yotsuya. He tells her that her mother was here... Kyoko leaves in fury. At ChaChaMaru, Godai and Ichinose drown their sorrows. Both are distraught over losing Kyoko. Akemi seems not to be so worried. Yotsuya arrives, bringing with him a parting gift from Kyoko, so it would seem. Later that night, they are sitting in Kyoko's empty room, when she herself arrives. Much to their relief, she tells them that it was all just a trick of her mother. That's not the end of it though. Ritsuko tries yet again to make Kyoko leave Ikkoku-kan. She preys upon Ichinose's gullibility, saying that Kyoko's dad is very ill and needs his daughter to be with him.

25) Crash! Godai vs Mitaka Proposal Battle

At the tennis club, Godai stands outside the fence looking in, until he happens to get invited to play a game of doubles with Kyoko. Ichinose gets paired with Mitaka to even out the teams. However, the game is disrupted when in the middle of an exchange at the net, Mitaka proposes to Kyoko. She seemingly misinterprets the question and manages to avoid saying what he hoped. Not one to give up, the next day Mitaka takes Kyoko for a drive to the beach. Meanwhile, Godai admires the food at a store display. As luck would have it, Kozue is nearby, and notices him there. She invites him over for dinner. There, he gets more acquainted with her family, and he unfortunately leaves the impression that he may be more serious about Kozue than he really is...

33) Shock in diary! Souichiro had a lover!?

As Godai finishes his tutoring session with Ikuko, Grandpa Otonashi gives him a package to give to Kyoko. Walking home, Godai peeks inside the paper bag and learns to his chagrin that it's Soichiro's diary. His fears are realized when he sees Kyoko's look of shock upon receiving the diary. Over the next few days, Kyoko reads the diary. One puzzling thing about it is a series of entries about a girl Soichiro is worried about. It appears that a postcard of hers used to be in the diary, but it's now missing. "Who was that girl?" Kyoko wonders, somewhat worried...

37) Dangerous costume party! Kyoko's radical change

It's a lazy sunday at Ikkoku-kan. Even the party posse is bored. Kyoko receives a dressing table and tries on her old school uniform. The posse find her and the seishun starts. Kyoko's a schoolgirl. Ichinose's a student life correction member. Yotsuya's weird. Akemi is a nurse. Godai mangages to find his old school uniform. "Pair, dese ne?" Mitaka arrives, but Godai shooes him away. Mitaka returns and acts as a doctor. Kentaro arrives runs away. The episode ends with Kentaro's announcement to leave Ikkoku-kan.

38) Godai-kun's lost love? Kozue approaching Mitaka?

After all this time, Kozue is starting to worry that her relationship with Godai is going nowhere. She finally wonders if he's actually interested in another woman... Mitaka, seeing a way to hinder Godai, ends up trying to help Kozue. Yotsuya notices that Mitaka is seeing Kozue and, at the usual gathering in Godai's room, they misinterpret this to mean that Mitaka is dating Kozue now. Despite everything, Godai doesn't want to let Mitaka have her, so he tries to get Kozue back. And he does.

40) Tenderness warm heart. X-Mas is feeling of love

Everybody is set for the party at Chachamaru's, except for Godai. He's waiting for Sakamoto to appear with Kyoko's stone, in the cafe. But Sakamoto lost the stone on the train. They try to find it with the help of the train manager. Meanwhile, Kyoko worriedly waits for Godai. Akemi keeps Mitaka occupied. Godai finds the stone iCheek time?" Godai decides to show up at Chachamaru, but leaves early to search for something he dropped along the way. Kyoko follows. She catches up, then they walk home.

42) Godai-kun broken bone! Chance of love in hospital room

(Kyoko is hanging from the roof, in danger of falling down)
Kyoko - (What should I do?) Go...
Godai - (looks out the window) Kanrinin-san!
Kyoko - (smiles... frowns) It's ok! After all, I'm an incompetent manager.
Godai - What are you talking about?!
Kyoko - I'm ok, I won't bother tenants with my problems.
Godai - BAKA!

43) Sparks of love! Hospital feud of Godai and Mitaka

Kyoko plays nursemaid to both Godai and Mitaka at the hospital. The two men compete for Kyoko's attention. However, one night a group of Mitaka's tennis admirers come over for a visit. Kyoko isn't pleased. Even more so when Kozue also drops by to take care of Godai. So Kyoko leaves them, and writes a goodbye message in the snow for Godai and Mitaka to see when they look out their windows. The day comes when both guys are able to leave the hospital. But Kyoko is still giving the cold shoulder. After meeting by chance at the hospital check-up, Godai and Mitaka end up drinking together and complaining about Kyoko.

44) Kentaro-kun in shock. Who really is Yotsuya?

In trouble with his mother, Kentaro hides in the attic. By chance, he discovers a photo album with the terrifying evidence about Yotsuya's true nature: there are photos of Yotsuya dating back to pre-WW2, and he looks no different now than he did fifty years ago... But what is he, really? Kentaro asks the others for help to spy on Yotsuya. They start to wonder: what is Yotsuya's real job? and is "Yotsuya" his only name? Come to think of it, he gives a different name every time he's asked. Godai ends up trying to follow Yotsuya to work. Kyoko dons a disguise to spy on him in town. And Kentaro wets his bed...

47) Kyoko in a mess. Drunk and Crazy.

During the last week of spring break, Godai and Sakamoto take to working at a licensed restaurant, and Sakamoto stays at Godai's apartment. They invite Kyoko to visit them at the restaurant and have something on the house. Of course, the other residents of Ikkoku-kan just have to come along and make his life more colorful. The loon squad's antics almost get Godai fired, as they tease him mercilessly while he works. Meanwhile, Kyoko seethes at his timidness against the onslaught. As the evening progresses, with not a little help from the others, Kyoko gets more and more drunk. The restaurant is almost closed for the night, but the gang are still ordering more food and drink. Kyoko gets up and calls for Godai to meet with her at the back. She starts to berate him, but ends up running to the washroom, unable to keep her dinner down... Afterwards, the whole gang walks home. Godai gets the privilege of carrying Kyoko (having passed out) piggyback. Unfortunately, she discovers that Godai paid for everyone's dinner, and rewards him with a firm grip around his neck.

48) Godai's revelation. I wish you understood how I feel

Ritsuko - Young man, do you have a steady?
Godai - No, I don't but... I'm in love with somebody.
(Kyoko opens her eyes)
Ritsuko - Oh! Then it's a one side affair, isn't it?
(Godai stares at table)
Ritsuko - What kind of lady is she?
Kyoko - Mom, don't be so nosy!
Godai - She's got long hair... so gentle. She's two years older than me... but she's so adorable. Or how should I put it?

Godai - I hope Kyoko-san understood me. I bet she did.
Kyoko - Godai-san, don't surprise me. I'm... I'm still not...
... but thank you.

51) Even Yotsuya-san is Shocked. The Day Ikkoku-kan Disappears!?

Is Ikkoku-kan really to be torn down? Grandpa Otonashi is out of town, so they can't confirm or deny the rumor. Mitsukoshi is the new guy, so some of the residents suspect him to have a part in this. They try to investigate him. Godai even asks Mitaka for help. Could Mitsukoshi be working at a real-estate firm...? Eventually, Kyoko decides to confront him directly: he says that he's only a client of the agency. In the morning, a telegram arrives for Mitsukoshi. Everybody gathers around the door to room #3, because Mitsukoshi is not answering. Kyoko resorts to using her master-key and they discover that he's no longer around, and his room is empty, except for a small gift.

52) Forgive me, Souichiro-san! Kyoko's announcement of marrying again!!

At the annual visit to Soichiro's grave with her parents and some members of the Otonashi family, Kyoko finds herself wondering whether her mother will start asking her whether she'll be remarrying. Kyoko then become more worried when she realizes that lately she's been thinking less and less about Soichiro. Is she forgetting him, or just naturally letting go...? When she goes to visit his grave alone, Yotsuya hints to Godai that she might be considering suicide. Godai rushes off to the cemetary, and ends up getting there before her, which gives him the chance to hide nearby and eavesdrop on her monologue.

59) Asuna Kujou's first time

Kyoko worries about Mitaka's failure to show up for their important meeting at the cafe. He did want to hear her answer to his marriage proposal, didn't he? Meanwhile, Godai gets an idea from one of the kids at the daycare: a little girl named Kyoko gave him a love-letter on audio cassette, so maybe he could do the same... Mitaka drives to the beach with Asuna, and he tries to tell her that she'd be better off with someone else. However, her dogs have followed them, and Mitaka ends up trapped in his car, clutching Asuna with fear.

61) Chase after me, Godai-san. Kyoko's lone trip

Kyoko decides to go on a trip to take her mind off troubling matters. She leaves without saying goodbye to Godai. However, he soon discovers that she's gone. He pulls off the trip schedule that Kyoko left on her door and hurries to the train station, hoping to catch her. He searches for her at a historical village, but manages to avoid finding her, even though she's nearby. Kyoko happens to meet a woman who is depressed because she recently broke up with her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Godai tries waiting outside the hotel where Kyoko should be staying. Unfortunately a policeman drags him away for loitering. The next day, Godai sees Kyoko get on a tour bus, and the chase continues...

64) Godai-kun on the edge! Sweet trap of high school girl

As the tutoring of Yagami continues, she becomes more and more annoyed at Kyoko's interference. So she invites Godai to her own home for the final "lesson". A week later, Godai is there, and discovers to his chagrin that her parents aren't home. Fortunately, before things get out of hand, Yagami's parent come back. Unfortunately, they have come back from the wedding of a friend's daughter, and Yagami's father is not in a good mood, especially concerning men who would try to take advantage of his own daughter-- and they aren't supposed to know that Godai is tutoring her! Godai hides in the closet, while Yagami tries to retrieve his shoes. Her mother finds him anyway, but is sympathetic to his plight. He leaves through the window, but forgets to take his shoes anyway. Crashing through the bushes, he makes it back to Ikkoku-kan in a frightful mess.

67) Even Yagami is confused! Grandma Yukari returns with golden teeth!!

Godai quits his part-time job at the nursery so that he can devote more time to looking for a full-time job. Unfortunately, he finds that it is not easy for a student of a third-rate college (especially with poor grades) to find a job at a major company. Furthermore, he doesn't have the connections to help get in (except maybe Yagami...). Kozue appears and lets Godai know that she just got a job at a bank, thanks to her father's connections. Godai's grandma visits, and she happens to meet Yagami.

66) Yagami's challenge! I musn't lose against the widow!

Foiled by Kyoko's tattling, Yagami studies ceaselessly to regain her position as the best student in her class. All so that she can go back to visiting Godai at Ikkoku-kan. However, on her first return visit, she suddenly falls asleep from exhaustion, and happens to fall into Godai's arms. Yotsuya is back to tutoring Yagami, in Godai's room. Kyoko brings tea and cake, but Yagami opposes her and, as Godai watches, she demands that Kyoko be clear about her true intentions with Godai. Kyoko simply runs out of the room without saying a word. Later, when Yagami tells Kamiogi-sensei about Kyoko, she tells Yagami that Kyoko is someone who "believes only one truth exists, and if she confessed that she loved Godai, then her love for Soichiro would have been a lie." Hearing this Yagami feels sorry for Kyoko and decides to be nicer to her. She changes her mind, though, when she arrives at Ikkoku-kan and sees Kyoko on the street. Yagami runs past, calling Kyoko a coward.

70) Goodbye Grandma! Ueno station is party panic

Grandma Yukari - But whatever you do, don't give up. After all, your grandpa managed to win my heart. Persistancy counts.

71) A Midsummer night's dream. Godai already found a job?

Godai and Sakamoto are still searching for a job. Yagami is still trying to get her father to give Godai a letter of recommendation. For a time, Godai is occupied with organizing the sports-day events for a nursery. Seeing how good Godai is with the children, one of the workers at the nursery suggests that he try to get a full-time job at the nursery. All seems well, until one day Yagami arrives at Ikkoku-kan with a letter of recommendation.

79) I'm sorry Kyoko-san. Guilt trip homemade lunch

Godai decides to quit his job at the Cabaret and become a full-time daycare worker. Unfortunately, the daycare manager lets go of Godai first (the job was a temporary position from the start). Now Godai can't afford to quit the Cabaret because the party posse have been running up a large tab at his expense, blackmailing Godai because he's too spineless to let Kyoko know about this job. Kyoko has started making box-lunches for Godai. In the morning, just after the nursery lays off Godai, Kyoko knocks on his door, wondering why he isn't getting up for work. He almost tells her what happened, but when he sees the lunch Kyoko has made for him, he just can't say it.

83) Yokohama Chaser. Kyoko-san's Going Away?!

Kyoko is ready to go out for lunch with her parents, but is confused when Mitaka arrives to escort her. She learns that not only will her parents be there, but so will Mitaka's parents! Arriving at the hotel, they also discover that another unexpected guest has come along, sneaking into Mitaka's car before they left Ikkoku-kan: Kasumi's son, Taro. Kyoko calls home to tell Godai about Taro, and her tone of voice hints at a more serious problem for Godai. He rushes off to the hotel, bringing Hanako along (since nobody else at Ikkoku-kan is conscious enough to look after her). There, Godai finds Taro but looks on helplessly as Mitaka drives away with Kyoko to Yokohama. That evening, during dinner, he tells her that he's arranged a room for them at this hotel...

84) 1000% suspicion. Kyoko's scandal night

Worrying about Kyoko, Godai sits at the entrance of Ikkoku-kan. When Kyoko's father arrives in his car, he is shocked when Godai tells him that she left with Mitaka. The two men leave to search for her, before anything irrevocable might happen... In the restaurant, Mitaka sees Kyoko's unease, and suggests a walk outside. At the waterfront, Kyoko finally speaks up, and tearfully apologizes to Mitaka for letting this relationship drag on for so long. Meanwhile, Godai and Mr.Chigusa give up their search as dawn approaches. They arrive home, and find Kyoko sitting on the front-steps. Later, Kyoko tries to explain to Godai that "nothing happened" with Mitaka that night. However, that problem is set aside when Kasumi finally comes back to take her children home.

86) Shocking one night! Asuna's Salad day.

Mitaka arrives at his apartment, and finds Asuna and Salad (her dog), waiting at the door. Drunk and falling asleep, he ends up falling on top of her, inadvertantly kissing her as they fall to the floor. The next morning, Mitaka wakes up in bed, with his clothes changed and breakfast waiting in the kitchen. He wonders what happened. Then remembers that Asuna was here... but she's gone now. Godai decides to stay for the next few days and nights at the cabaret where he works, so that he can study for the exams. It would probably be less distracting there than at Ikkoku-kan.

89) Unrequited love! Godai and Kyoko, it's over today?

Kyoko is in shock after seeing Kozue kiss Godai. Goida returns to Ikkoku-kan after his exams are over. Before he leaves, the manager of the cabaret warns him that he's not good enough to handle two women at the same time. Godai has no idea why Kyoko seems to be mad at him. Kozue calls to ask Godai out for lunch. There, he finds out that another man proposed to her, but she doesn't know what Godai's feelings are. He tells her that when he graduates, he wants to propose to a lady (Kyoko) but Kozue misinterprets this to be her and decides to turn the other guy down. He walks home stunned. He explains what happened to Kyoko after she brings up the kiss and realizes how stupid he was. Surprising Godai, she kisses him. Godai tries to figure out how to tell Kozue the truth, but before he could, she barges into a New year's Party and cries out that Godai proposed to him. Kyoko's furious, slaps him, and then tells Godai to move out. He refuses. Kyoko decides to move out.

Kyoko - Close your eyes. Did you think I was going to kiss you?
Godai - that's...
Kyoko - Turn around. It's alright, just stand back-to-back.
Godai - OK.
Kyoko - Now close your eyes.
(Kyoko takes off slippers, walks up to Godai and kisses him)
Kyoko - You're right, you are gulliable.
(Kyoko walks away.)
Godai - (stunned) Yes!

90) Kyoko-san quitting! Ikkoku-kan's memory far away?

Kyoko's gone after the previous night's fiasco. He explains what happened to the loon squad and they force Godai to go get Kyoko back. Kyoko is moping at her parent's place. She exclaims that she'll never get married. Her mom then realizes that it's not Mitaka she's moping over, but another guy. Godai shows up, but Kyoko tells her mom not to let him in. He yells out to her what really happened, but Kyoko throws a pillow at him and forces him out. Being back home of course, makes her dad extremely happy. Godai keeps coming back to try to get Kyoko but she remains stubborn. Meanwhile, the apartment is turning into a mess. Godai is put in charge of the apartment after her dad convinces Otonashi that Kyoko isn't coming back.

Ritsuko - Kyoko... Was that the man you like?...
Kyoko - You have to be kidding.. He's an irresponsible clod.
Ritsuko - What was his name?
Kyoko - Godai! Can't you remember?!
Ritsuko - I'd better remember that...

91) Kyoko in shock! Akemi and Godai's unexpected relation!

Kyoko's upset at her dad for telling Otonashi that she quit her job. Meanwhile Godai is trying to clean up quickly to go to Kyoko's but the loon squad keeps partying and making a mess. Godai kicks them out of the apartment and they end up partying at Chachamaru where Kyoko coincidentally ends up at. Akemi tells Kyoko that she's stubborn, and threatens to seduce Godai to prove her point. Later that night, Godai receives a call from Akemi who says she's in trouble. When Godai runs to get her, he realizes that she's in a love hotel. Akemi wakes up and says she drank too much, the guy left and she needed someone to pay. They walk out, and a shocked Kozue sees them leaving together. The next morning, Akemi tells Godai that he should be happy now after she helped split them up. All attempts to reach Kozue are futile, and Akemi and Ichinose berate him for trying to prolong the misunderstanding to end everything on a happy note. Ichinse visits Kyoko to tell her that everything has worked out and Kyoko finally understands what happened. She decides to return home, but on the way she meets up with Kozue who tells a shocked Kyoko that Godai slept with Akemi.

Akemi - You're thinking something like, "Even if we break up, I want to remain in her heart as a beautiful memory," aren't you?
Godai - ...
Godai - That's not it... that's not it at all....
Akemi and Ichinose - (in unison): Ba-ka.

92) Kozue-chan's wedding! Godai's love is forever?!

A shocked Kyoko ends up at Chachamaru where she sees Akemi. Akemi tells Kyoko the truth, that she did walk out of the hotel with Godai. When Godai and company walk in, she tells him tha she hates him. Akemi explains to Master that even if she said nothing happened, she is so jealous that wouldn't believe her. Kyoko becomes irrational, and accuses Godai of sleeping around. Godai pats her gently on the cheek, and she runs out. Godai chases after her to return her jacket. He explains to her that Kyoko keeps forgetting one thing - that he loves her, always and forever. Later, Kozue meets Yotsuya on the train and learns the truth about the hotel. She comes to the cabaret to apologize, and Godai decides to apologize first, saying that he already has a woman he loves in his life. Kozue is relieved, because she already accepted another man's proposal. They part on a happy note.

Akemi - You should see your face. Quarreling that badly with a man you wouldn't even let hold your hand. What's the matter with you?

Kyoko - Are you saying it's my fault?
Godai - No, it's just... It's just that, Kyoko-san...
You're forgetting something important.
Kyoko - Something? And what's that?
Godai - My feelings. I love you. I love you Kyoko-san.
Ever since we first met, and now and forever after.

Kozue - What kind of woman is she?
Godai - (reflecting on her question) Kozue-chan... the woman I love is... jealous, cries and gets mad a lot... but when she smiles, I feel the best...

93) Sight of spring? The two's hearts are in warm feeling!!

Godai - I'm always worried, when I think about you and Souichiro-san. I don't know what to do anymore.
Kyoko - I'm sorry. Please, just think about me.

94) Alright! Godai-kun's courageous proposal!

Godai - No... He's just worried about you... To your father, you're still a little girl, aren't you?
Kyoko - Kyoko-chan... eh?
Godai - But to me... you're the only woman... Please, will you marry me?
Godai - I promise... I won't do anything to make you cry. So, please, spend the rest of your life with me...
Kyoko - Will you promise me one thing, then?
Godai - Yes.
Kyoko - Please, even if by just one day more, live longer than me... Because... I don't think I could continue on by myself...

95) Ah, Excitement! Grandma's love embosomed in the ring

Godai decides that it's time for Kyoko to finally meet his parents. A bit nervously, he phones home (his parents don't know about Kyoko yet). His grandma helps things along by inviting them to come over (to Nigata Prefecture) right away: tomorrow. They take the train, and then taxi to the restaurant (and home) where Godai's Grandma and parents live. Later that evening, Grandma loans some money to Godai so that he can afford the wedding; then she gives an engagement ring to Kyoko: "When I was young, Grandpa gave this ring to me..." With the snow falling outside, all is well. Then there is a knock at the door downstairs. Godai goes to answer, and it's none other than Yotsuya, Akemi and Ichinose! So much for a quiet night...

(Grandma Yukari gives Godai her bankbook)
Godai - I'll give you the best funeral ever, grandma!

96) As long as this love lasts! Ikkoku-kan is forever...!!

Kyoko - Haruka-chan, welcome to our home. This is the place... where papa and mama met for the very first time...

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