For all Maison Ikkoku fans out there:

Do you know that all the main characters except Otonashi Kyoko are uniquely
and quite interestingly named with numbers? The following shows how:

	ICHInose Hanae - ICHI means #1, she lives in room #1, 
	NIkaido Nozomu - NI means #2, he lives in room #2,  
	Room #3 is empty because
	MItaka Shun    - MI means #3, he does not live at Maison Ikkoku, 
	YOtsuya ?      - YO means #4, he lives in room #4, 
	GOdai Yousaku  - Go means #5, he lives in room #5,
	ROPPongi Akemi - ROKU means #6, roppongi is written ROKUhongi but
			 pronounced roppongi, she lives in room #6, 
	NANAo Kozue    - NANA means #7, 
	YAgami Ibuki   - YA means #8,
	KUjou Asuna    - KU means #9.

Nikaido is a quite interesting character, but, unfortunately, he does not
show up on the TV series.  Many plots that Nikaido is involved are rewritten
and Nikaido is mostly replaced by Yotsuya-san, which is interesting because
Nikaido hates Yotsuya-san. BTW, does anyone know Yotsuya-san's first name?
I couldn't find it in the manga or I did not look for it well.

This has been presented just for your input.  Takahashi sensei is the greatest.

From: (Chikashige Hayashi)