Timeline analysis
Brian Porter (bryan.porter@nashville.com)

Okay, I think we may have this figured out now.  Leon, as you point out,
Mitaka's car has been identified as a Nissan Sylvia.  This car is known
in the US as the Nissan (then Datsun) 200SX.  It just so happens that a
good friend of mine who is a raging otaku (and the other recipient of
this message - Hi Zen!) owned this same car.

According to him the 200SX that Mitaka (and he) drove would have to be
either a 1980 or 81 model.  The 79 model (and previous) had a much
different body style.  The 1982 model had a noticeably different
bumper.  Knowing Mitaka he probably bought the new body style the year
it came out, so I'm going to take a stab at it and assume that he was
driving a 1980 Nissan Sylvia.

This gives us a reasonably firm anchor point for a timeline since it was
established that he bought it brand new when he first came on the scene
in the manga.  Figure that if he bought a brand new 1980 model the day
it came out and met Kyoko the next day, they met in 1979.  If you assume
he bought a 1981 and kept it in perfect condition for a couple of years
before he met Kyoko then the latest they could have met is 1983.  For
simplicity's sake I'm going to assume they met in 1980.

Also, I just found a link off your page for a review of the series -

"Our story opens in 1980 with Godai, a struggling would-be college
student who is currently struggling to get out of his one-room

So someone else has done the math and come to the same conclusion.

Therefore, in order to adjust your timeline I'd just take this point -

56 02.         Kyoko accompanies Godai to entrance exam for
               second-rated private college.
               During publication of qualified applicants, Godai
               disappears for a week.
               Godai accepted by the last private college
               (Education Major)
   06.         Godai shouts "I like Kyoko-san" after getting
               drunk in a party.
   07.         Kyoko enters tennis club.
               Encounter coach Mitaka.
               In Cha-Cha-Maru, Godai and Mitaka declare rivalry
               for Kyoko.

Change the 56 to an 80.  Then just adjust the other years of the
timeline to match.  Kyoko is born in 1959 instead of 1935.  Kyoko and
Godai are married in 1986.  Haruna is born in 1987.  Ack!  I just
realized that Kyoko & Godai's wedding took place while I was living in
Japan.  Cool.

Anybody see any mistakes here?  Please point them out if you do.